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Welcome to! (owned by founded by Kelli Benson in 2007 provides an informational platform for emerging and established designers through multi line independent sales rep, fashion retail buyer, and international distributor databases. Along with a classifieds section that enable all fashion professionals to post and search forty job descriptions in wholesale, retail, executive & internship levels.'s social media venue frequently features many of the over 20,000 U.S. and international subscribers through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and two weekly blog posts. Let us know who you are!! We love to write about cool, upcoming designers, industry events, fashion enthusiasts and influencers.

Kelli's idea for blossomed from her knowledge and career history in the fashion industry. As a designer/manufacturer of her own line of women's apparel for twelve years, Kelli knew there was a need for a business to business informational marketplace for the fashion industry. To provide accurate data, be time efficient and cost effective for emerging designers, when building and sustaining a profitable company were just a few of the top priorities for Kelli when launching

Each year we strive to add new functionalities that deliver useful information and services for the fashion industry. While continuing to showcase worldwide fashion events, designers, retailers, trendsetters & everything fashion that inform and provoke conversation in this wonderfully creative industry.

In 2019, and was acquired by SEO Specialist, Cedric Liem.

Hello from Cedric!

Hello Fashion Professionals! I wish to extend a big thank you to Kelli for letting me take over and

It is my desire and goal to continue Kelli's work and maintain and improve upon the contact lists Kelli started 12 years ago.

In addition, I wish to continue to add new features and functionality that will make life easier for fashion professionals.

I'm here to help in more technical aspects than Kelli as I'm not a fashion professional myself. But, I'm always eager to hear feedback & don't hesitate to contact me with questions regarding the website and where it is going.